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LED Technology

Integrated LED light with 50.000 hours life span

ad notam is proud to present the LED illumination feature. This features unparalleled flush-capability to the very edge of the glass or mirror, and unparalleled smooth and seamless light continuum throughout the illuminated pattern. Easily integrated with all ad notam screens, this series can also feature adjustable light intensity via remote, to an industry first 1% light-intensity, once combined with our dimmer.

 Lighting key features

  • Featuring the latest eco-friendly LED-light technology
  • Service friendly due to replacable LED light
  • Single-sided (120 LED bulbs per meter) or double-sided (240 LED bulbs per meter) lighting
  • Different lighting designs available
  • Different lighting patterns available
  • Extraordinary  25“– 2 15“  (10mm - 55mm) width of illumination
  • Unparalleled gapless flush to the edge of the glass or mirror
  • Seamless bulb patterns
  • Color temperatures: 3.100K, 4.100K, and 5.100K
  • Fully integrable with ad notam screens and/or touchpad
  • Dimmable via remote to an industry first 0%-100% (only in combination with our dimmer)

 Dimmer key features

  • 0~100% brightness adjust
  • PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) technology
  • Wireless IR remote or touchpad dimming
  • Easy to operate
  • Scale level of 256 steps, soft & smooth operation without flickering
  • 4 factory presets and 4 user-defined presets for fast adjustments
  • Delay-off functionality
  • Nightlight program (1% brightness adjust)
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